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RussaYog® Yoga Studios and Retreats

About: RussaYog® uses the basic yogic approach and adds a rope (russa). The free flowing rope, held in each hand, coupled with yogic asans allows you to use gravity to create stresses and experience a complete body workout, taking your mind and body to a heightened state of awareness and fitness. RussaYog® includes over 200 trajectories that can be done using a rope, a length of fabric, a danda (portable staff), or no prop at all. Learn more at

Client Since: June 2011

Services Provided: Website re-design and content creation, Facebook page set-up, development, and management, Weekly e-newsletter design and management, Photography/video capturing and editing, and Online marketing strategy planning.

What RussaYog® has to say about Saradipity Media:
“Saradipity Media helped us re-formulate how we are presenting RussaYog® online. With confidence, she encouraged us to expand and streamline at the same time! Our online presence has become much more clear, concise and organized under Sara’s patient guidance. She works with a unique combination of artistic and technical skills that allows her to see the big picture while attending to the details. Professional, adept and level-headed: Sara is a delight to work with!”

~Teresa Singh, Co-Owner of RussaYog® Yoga

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