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Communication is the basis of humanity. How we interact. How we learn. How we grow. Our means to do so are rapidly changing. Saradipity Media formed organically in 2010 to help bridge the gap from the typewriter to Twitter, and everything in between.

Although the word “media” is in my name, Saradipity is about the conversation, about the “social.” I use the tools technological masterminds keep setting before me to talk to you, your supporters, your customers, your friends. Our conversations just require a little more creativity and crafting than the average face-to-face interaction.

You might still think getting paid to fiddle with Facebook and tinker with Twitter sounds like the best job ever. And it is for people like me, the type A personalities that were voted “Social Butterfly” in their high school yearbooks. I live to communicate. Let me help start your conversation.

But first, let’s get acquainted (my mother always told me not to talk to strangers).

I am guessing by now you have already figured out that my name is Sara. I grew up in St. Charles, IL a western suburb of Chicago, and graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Arts & Ideas in the Humanities. I have also lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina (yes, I speak Spanish), Grand Rapids, MI, all over Australia, Portland, OR, and currently reside in Hawaii. My hobbies include dance, yoga, rock climbing, photography, painting, writing, working with youth, singing at the top of lungs, and being barefoot. I learn quickly. I tend to be overly organized. And I am always up for a challenge.

Saradipity Media is not something that I have dreamed about doing my whole life. It evolved out of a need. The causes and activities I was passionate about needed some help engaging the public, forming a community. I offered what little wisdom I had—turns out I knew more than I thought. All these years later, I am still a one woman show, but going strong. Clients keep finding me leaving me no choice but to get involved and invested in their causes, their passions, their conversations. On multiple occasions, I have even gone into documentary filmmaker mode and gotten right into the thick of their projects. Who knew my social media skills would take me on a 200-mile bike ride or into a watermelon eating contest?

It’s just Saradipity.

Like what you hear? Introduce yourself. I would love to chat.

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