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About: is for savvy buyers looking for a deal that is easy to find and caters to your location and the things you are interested in owning. Virtual wish-list are gaining in popularity every day as they are easy for organizing and “tagging” what it is you are interested in either buying, looking at, or showing your friends what incredible deals you may find on like interests. Start shopping at

Client Since: April 2010

Services Provided: Graphic design work for print materials, E-newsletter design and management, Public relations management, and Social media set-up and management.



Past Client

About: The Storcom team are experts at conducting the research and diligence to thoroughly evaluate all available data management solutions, whether offered through one of their partner-providers or from an alternative source. They are a knowledgeable, unbiased source of assistance to your IT staff in the technology selection process. Learn more at

Services Provided: Social media initial set-up and Website design maintenance.